Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO)

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO)

BDO Jordan has been serving non-governmental organizations (NGO) around the world for several years now. As such, our team have developed a clear understanding of said organizations, including their structure, regulations, business and operations. We frequently conduct assignments with a ‘zero learning curve’, instead drawing from our wealth of subject-specific experience. We understand the unique audit, tax, and advisory requirements of the NGO sector, and as so have succeeded, one assignment after another, in delivering high-level performance and unsurpassed quality. We have developed strong relationships with many NGOs; relationships that we value greatly and work hard to maintain.

We work closely with players in this sector to prepare tailored work methodologies and work closely with your team to design cost-effective approaches to improving operational performance, while maintaining a strong commitment to the communities served and delivering high-quality results. Our team receives regular training on NGO operations and, prior to any assignment, we ensure that they understand and work in accordance with international quality standards and ethical values. 

Our list of clients includes various types of NGOs, such as UN agencies, educational institutions, charities, healthcare, sporting and community clubs, and funds, among others. We offer this sector a variety of services including audit, assurance, forensic audit, macro and micro assessments, as well as many consultancies including valuations, assessments, TPM, M&E, and others.



Risk, Ethics & Compliance Senior Manager; CPA
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