BDO Jordan Provides Consultancy on Productive & Financial Sustainability in the Industrial Sector

Part of its efforts to support clean industries, BDO Jordan obtains accreditation to provide consultancy on Productive and Financial Sustainability in the Industrial Sector

After successfully passing the competency test, and implementing practical work with the industrial sector for almost two years, BDO Jordan (Samman &Co.)’s Advisory Partner Eng. Azzam Hamaideh was honored to receive the Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production Assessor (RE-CPA) Certificate using the UNIDO accredited approach: Transfer of Environmentally Sound Technology (TEST). As such, BDO is now qualified to provide consultancy on Productive and Financial Sustainability in the Industrial Sector 

On its turn, the TEST approach mainly focuses on integrating environmental management approach developed by UNIDO to assist industries to adopt sustainable production practices that reduce their production costs and increase their productivity while lowering their environmental footprint. The TEST approach combines the essential elements of tools such as Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP), Environmental Management Systems (EMS), and Material Flow Cost Accounting (MFCA) as part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), applied on the basis of a comprehensive diagnosis of enterprise needs (Initial Assessment). 
Based on this certificate, BDO Jordan announces the provision of Materials Efficiency and Cleaner Production Service to the industrial sector to be added to the integrated set of Advisory Services.

It is worth mentioning that Advisory is one of the integrated package of services BDO Jordan (Samman & Co.) offers since its establishment back in 1987, being one major source of our accumulative expertise and credentials in consulting. BDO Jordan consultants have provided over 1,000 different types of consulting services for more than 300 clients locally, regionally, and internationally. Our portfolio of clients includes public sector (governments, ministries, municipalities, etc.), NGOs, UN agencies and other international lending agencies, private businesses (large, SMEs and startups) entrepreneurs, among others. BDO Jordan Advisory Services have contributed to helping organizations build capacity, improve strategy, build internal resilience, enhance work environment, achieve transparency, plan business, manage resources, mitigate risks, automate functions and processes and much more.