Audit & Assurance

Audit & Assurance

“For me, client experience is paramount. I am proud to say that BDO consistently out-delivers on our clients’ expectations, providing them with the highest possible standard of audit and assurance services.” 

Mazen Jaber - BDO


Businesses today are facing endless challenges in terms of expansion, regulatory environment, and technology updates, in addition to unprecedented media scrutiny. There arises the need for smart, practical and trusted guidance. BDO professionals’ step in to provide audit and assurance services to stakeholders and investors led by the principles of trust and independence. We draw on deep industry experience and global resources to help clients navigate change, reinforce investor confidence, and safeguard the value of their business.
BDO Jordan has deployed our expertise during a long record of successful audit assignments delivered to reputed entities in different sectors. We know how unique each business is, and so we tailor our work approach to suit each client’s audit context. We strive to conduct all of our work in accordance with high-quality measures and ethical standards.

We also adopt a risk-based approach and employ skeptic work procedures that go beyond typical ‘off-the-shelf’ audit that applies to all clients. We understand the value of our audit work, so we aim to support clients as they strengthen their business functions and reinforce sound decision-making. With access to a global network of resources, we help our clients reinforce every aspect of their business, starting with resilience and continuing to people, systems, strategy, and planning, with technology updates, independence, and transparency leading the process.

We provide the following audit services:

  • External Audit
  • Compliance Audit