The manufacturing industry is rapidly growing, undeterred by significant challenges to supply chains and labor issues. To maintain this momentum, manufacturing business need to navigate elevated risks while advancing sustainability priorities. Companies operating in the manufacturing industry need to focus on growing their customer bases and combatting threats from the rise of emerging countries in the market, driven by low production costs and advanced production technology. This requires adapting new business models to meet the changing needs and behaviors of customers. Furthermore, the rapid updates in industries themselves, as regards technology, economic changes and the movement towards increased digitalization and automation, as well as the introduction of new materials, has created both opportunities and challenges that require players in this sector to be skillfully handled to keep pace with local, regional and international competition. As such, it has become inevitable to adopt new ways of thinking regarding investments and strategies for appropriately meeting industry requirements. This can only occur with the intervention of seasoned consultants who are capable of identifying real needs in terms of automation, digitalization of supply chains, training and capacity building, whilst ensuring clean and transparent financial and tax records. 

BDO Jordan provides a wide range of services to support the industrial sector by utilizing our in-depth understanding of the manufacturing industry; an understanding which is further supplemented by BDO’s global expertise. At BDO Jordan, we help organizations turn risks into advantages and capture growth opportunities. Our work is successfully implemented by a team of consultants from a variety of backgrounds, including strategic planning, due diligence, evaluation, marketing, internal audit, corporate governance, training and capacity building, IT, and audit and tax services.



Advisory Partner – Technical and Management Consulting Services, CDM.TEST, PMP
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