Advisory Services

Advisory Services

At BDO Jordan, Advisory Services form an integral part of our comprehensive service offerings. With a track record of delivering over 1,000 consulting services to a diverse clientele of more than 500 organizations locally, regionally, and internationally, including public sector entities, NGOs, UN agencies, private enterprises of all sizes, and entrepreneurs, our consultants bring expertise and insight to drive organizational growth and success. From capacity building to strategy enhancement, from improving internal resilience to fostering transparent practices, from optimizing resource management to mitigating risks, our Advisory Services cater to a spectrum of needs, empowering our clients to thrive in today's dynamic business landscape.

BDO Jordan’s Advisory Services fall within the following 4 main categories:

  • Management Advisory
  • Financial Advisory
  • Green and Sustainability Advisory
  • Training and Capacity Building Consultancies


Advisory Partner – Technical and Management Consulting Services, CDM.TEST, PMP
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