Special Purpose Audit

Special Purpose Audit

Businesses face new and unseen challenges everyday and often situations arise, where a specialized and onetime assessment may be necessary. When circumstances in which the auditor is required to report on specific financial information for specific purposes to specific users, in comparison with the general audit of financial statements, BDO special audit services can be trusted. We assist our clients with non-statutory audits and other specific reviews. We conduct special purpose audit engagements, according to the related international standards on auditing which include audits of:

  • A complete set of financial statements prepared in accordance with another comprehensive basis of accounting; 
  • A component of a complete set of general purpose or special purpose financial statements, such as a single financial statement, specified accounts, elements of accounts, or items in a financial statement; 
  • Compliance with contractual agreements; and 
  • Summarized financial statements

Our team has been engaged in special audit assignments for many sectors including NGOs and UNs as per the request of donors and funding agencies further to entities working in both the public and private sectors. A number of our auditors are Certified Fraud Examiners added up to practical expertise in conducting special and fraud audit activities.

We offer the following special purpose audit services:

  • Forensic and Fraud Audit.
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Anti-money Laundering (AML)